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Below I have included links and descriptions to my favorite products and resources!

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From sleep to activity to monitoring your heart rate or overnight blood oxygen level, Oura unlocks insights to help you improve your health every day.

Plan to Eat

The meal planning app designed with planners in mind. Relieve the stress of meal planning and delight in dinner time.

Thrive Market

Looking for healthier products for your family? Everything you need for a healthier home.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is on a mission to make it really easy to eat more sustainably grown, organic fruits + vegetables every day. Why? Getting in 5 servings daily can help you live longer on a healthier planet.


Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Keeps drinks cold all day!

Foam Roller

For exercise, massage, and muscle recovery.

Healthy Insides

dōTERRA Essential Oils

Exclusive discount on essential oils for healthy living. Learn more!

Juice PLUS+

Products that make healthy living easier.

Essential Oil Accessories

Self Care Products

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